About Us

Efficaz is an Indian origin enterprise.It provides the consulting & solutions to corporates and academia for improving effectiveness and to achieve sustainable growth.

  • Efficaz believes and emphasis its clients for consistent learning, unlearning and relearning to achieve effectiveness and sustainable growth. Effectiveness and sustainable growth is only possible with relooking the instinct of organization, working on core competencies and adopting contemporary management & operational techniques.
  • Efficaz will help the corporates & academia with unbiased, knowledgeable and third party/outsider perspectives by providing consulting services on strategy, management, operation, human resource and IT infrastructures.
  • Efficaz team has professional qualification & corporate experience in both technical and management. Hence they provide engineering and management solutions which are innovative, contemporary and long term.
  • Why corporate & academia need consulting ?

  • Most of client will lose sight on day to day activities and unable to envisage the big picture. Due to this, they miss the huge scope of improvement inside the organization and change happened in outside. Consulting will help to get status of organization and outside overview.
  • Expertise in variety of subject with unbiased, knowledgeable, third party/outsider perspective.


To support the corporate and academia on improving effectiveness and achieving sustainable growth. And Bridging the gap between corporate and academia.